Herbalife Nutrition - Stay Connected with Herbalife+

For Herbalife Nutrition, the global leader in nutritional supplements, we developed Herbalife +, an app for the sales representative. Not only does this map the complete CRM process, it also fully interacts with the customer app. There, meals, sports and weight data are linked. This way, the Nutritionist can follow the activities of his customers live and advise them on their progress via chat. Key figures on sales activities are calculated and clearly presented in the app. The process of app-based individualized nutritional counseling is as follows:

  1. The customer and his nutritionist conveniently set their weight, sport and fitness goals in the app.
  2. The consultant creates an individual meal plan that immediately becomes visible in the user app.
  3. The customer starts with the plan and his app tracks the progress and sends it in real time to his advisor.
  4. The customer can exchange information with his consultant about his latest values ​​at any time.
  5. The adviser supports the client in his goals by adjusting the nutritional plan to suit his values.

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