Kompass - High Tech Maps in the Nature

For our client Kompass Karten, an Innsbruck-based company specialized in creating hiking and cycling maps and guides, we have created native mobile apps for adventurers and outdoor lovers. Users can browse through hundreds of maps from several countries including Austria, Germany, as well as parts of Switzerland, Italy, and Spain.

Maps can be customized by showing and hiding track types (ways, paths, and trails), adding several checkpoints, as well as changing map types. Each session can be tracked, by logging time, distance and height changes of the track. Maps and highly zoomable, they show various points of interests and can even be downloaded for offline usage. Track progress can be shared via various social networks and is automatically saved to a free cloud account.

Users can also create and browse custom tours, access various information regarding their local tracks and browse through knowledge section provided by Kompass. Our Android and iOS apps have exquisite responsive design and functionality, with regular updates from our development team. Combining our quality product with highly-professional Kompass maps, we have created a must-have environment for every fan of outdoors.



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