Tanita - lean apps and heavy bones

For the world market leader in the field of precision scales, we are developing the apps that communicate with the scales via Bluetooth. With these, measured values, such as body fat percentage, muscle or bone mass can be recorded, graphically displayed and evaluated. These data can be linked to sports and meal plans. The tablet version for fitness trainers also enables clear customer relationship management, direct communication with all customers and tracking success and targeted advice. Training successes can be precisely measured and evaluated, for example, when your scale is communicating to the mobile phone about your muscle building in the left arm.

The general process is as follows:

  1. You can easily set your weight, sport and fitness goals in the app.
  2. You create your individual training plan in a partner app.
  3. You start with your plan and track your progress in the partner app.
  4. In addition, you regularly record the latest body values via the precision balance.
  5. You can adapt your training plan to the latest body values for a high training success.

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